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The following table lists the specifications of our Agent Website package:

  • Websites that can be set up quickly
  • Websites that are easy to maintain
  • Websites that are mobile friendly
  • Solutions that are affordable
  • Professional & knowledgeable support team
  • Highlight your property listings
  • Easily manage incoming leads

Template Features

  Affordable Starter Professional
Customizable Template Content/Graphic/Menu Versatile and powerful template features allow you to implement various modules and modify any aspect of all your templates, whether you have generated them or if you are using the Best For Agents' provided structures.
(Less Theme)

(More Theme & Modules)
Template Image LibraryProvide your website with the ultimate in visual appeal through the extensive provided image library which is fully stocked with royalty free images to suit all your real estate needs, from headers to icons to dream homes.
(Option to Upload)
Add Your Personal Profile & PhotoYour personality and reputation are the basis of your business, so Best For Agents has set up an extensive series of resources to allow you to compile a comprehensive personal biography and add your professional photo.
Custom PagesBest For Agents System will produce an exhaustive Search Engine Optimization Report complete with clear and lucid graphs to ensure that you understand exactly where your SEO strengths lie and where you can continue to make improvements.  


Seasonal Header Keep your website visually fresh and innovative with four separate header images which are keyed to the seasons, and which the Best For Agents' system will change automatically on the proper date.    

Website Features

  Affordable Starter Professional
Mobile websiteThe mobile website features a well-branded format of your contact information along with local and featured listings. The mobile version enhances the navigation of website visitors and now is available for all Best For Agents' website package members. All designed features work perfectly on iPhones, Android and Blackberry based smartphones. Get familiar with the mobile website, customize it and take advantage of being accessible to a wider range of audience.
Prospects Forms & Auto-Responders Facilitating your outreach to your visitors is the heart of our approach, thus we have included a variety of specialized forms to assist you in serving your clients: Free Home Evaluation, Finding Your Dream Home, and more.
(More Forms)
Free Reports for Buyer & SellerTo the uninitiated, real estate transactions can be daunting, thus Best For Agents has composed a vast library of educational and savvy reports that you can make available on your website to allay the anxieties of both buyers and sellers on a wide range of topics.
Customized Calculators Best For Agents provides a total of six different types of loan calculators to ensure that your clients can accurately and quickly calculate the various fees and charges as well as determine their financial qualification: Land Transfer Tax, Mortgage Payment Calculator, Unit Converter, Mortgage Qualification, and more.
(+ Unit Convertor)
Form Manager Best For Agents' comprehensive form management system allows you to create your own personalized custom forms, or to apply the wide variety of provided forms such as Automated Prospect and Lead Generating Forms which facilitate critical follow-up.
(No Custom Forms)
Billing system You can review your entire payment history and derive information on any of the purchased product details on your account at a glance with Best For Agents' advanced billing system administration facilities which are powerful, and easy to use.
MLS® Search Capabilities on your Website Your clients will be able to extensively search through the full extent of the listings on the IDX and Best For Agents pool system without leaving your website. The marked advantages of this IDX structure are maximized by the coherent and integrated implementation created by Best For Agents' skilled programmers. For TREB agents we support IDX & VOW & DTA. For agents from other boards we support DDF®
Support & TicketingThere will be times when you have questions or problems and Best For Agents has implemented the most complete system of support and ticketing in the industry to ensure that you will be able to get answers to your questions and solutions to your problems fast.
(Support only with Ticket)
Single & Team Website SolutionWith the Best For Agents system, you have the option of choosing from a solution which allows you to have single and team websites to further extend your reach and serve as many clients as possible both from your single website as well as your team's.
Navigation PathBoth the agent website and the admin control panel have a clear navigation path which is easy to negotiate and extremely intuitive. You'll be able to significantly speed all your regular functions thanks to this advanced facility.
Custom Pages Every real estate business is different and it is important for you to put your own personal mark on your website. That is why Best For Agents has created a facility whereby the creation of fully customized pages to suit your own particular needs is as simple as a few clicks.  

Day Planner Tools You have a busy schedule and the Best For Agents' day planner tools are fully state of the art. You'll be able to maintain your appointments with split second precision thanks to the Personal Calendar with Automated Event Scheduling, and the other superlative tools.    
Nearby Facilities Best For Agents has implemented an entire suite of advanced technologies which allow both agents and clients to quickly derive extensive information on recreational, educational, retail, and health facilities that are in the area of any address in your region.    
Business Directory Manager Create Industry Resource Links for your clients or use the default Business Directory    
News Manager Best For Agents provides in depth reports of news items of critical importance to your region's real estate, including events, trends, and extensive statistics. You can share this news, or compile your own articles to use modularly in conjunction with the news feeds.    
Site Traffic Report Statistics are often difficult to comprehend, thus Best For Agents has implemented a fully intuitive graphing component to their extensive site traffic statistics reports so that you will be able to understand at a glance the dynamics of your website's visitors.    
Free Lifetime Product UpgradeAs a Professional Package owner, you are entitled to the adoption of future upgrades, additions, and extensions to the Best For Agents system absolutely free. This free offer alone can be worth many times the cost of the entire package!    
Market Statistics charts and reports generator (GTA)For the Greater Toronto Area (and to be expanded in the immediate future) Best For Agents provides a powerful generation function which creates both reports and charts to allow you to derive information about the state of the market in meticulous detail.    
Custom Flash PresentationThe creation of a proper, professional Flash presentation almost always requires the contracting of a specialized artist. Best For Agents has removed the barriers to customized Flash production by allowing you to fully customize with text and images our Flash presentations with just a few clicks.    


  Affordable Starter Professional
Search Engine Enhanced & Built-in Basic SEO FeaturesSearch engine placement is getting more critical and competitive every day, thus Best For Agents has incorporated an impressive suite of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) features to ensure that your website will zoom to the top of the rankings.

Meta Tag Editor The selection of meta tags is of utmost importance with a variety of search engines, and the editing functions found within the Best For Agents system facilitate the creation of the most attractive tags.

Edit Home Page Title The home page title is of extreme importance in achieving a high ranking, thus the Best For Agents system provides the information you need to arrive at the perfect title.

Edit Internal Page Title There are many arcane facets to arriving at a high search engine ranking, thus the interior page titles also play their part. Best For Agents has collected all of the latest information to make your internal page titles shine.

Edit Description Meta Tag Descriptive meta tags are still important as many search engines still look for them, thus it is imperative that they be written properly without redundancies. Best For Agents' system will show you exactly how to include the best tags available.

Add Keyword Meta Tags Keywords have taken on enormous importance as they are now the primary SEO tool. Best For Agents has profoundly studied the art and science of keyword meta tags and is able to advise you as to the best course of action to improve your rankings.

Marketing Tools

  Affordable Starter Professional
Drip Campaign ManagerDrip campaigns are one of the most powerful ways to keep in touch with your client base and to generate new, lucrative leads. Best For Agents has developed what is clearly the best and most extensive drip campaign in Canadian real estate: a multifaceted intensive program which excels in every imaginable way.  
Newsletter ManagerNewsletters are excellent vectors to keep your clients apprised of new and interesting listings as well as recent events, trends in your region, and a wide variety of news which turns them from spectators to participants. Best For Agents' newsletter tools are extremely advanced and allow for the simple creation of any form of newsletter you prefer.  
E-card ToolsSay hello with some quirky, fun, and special occasion e-cards for that personal touch. Whether it's a holiday greeting, or a birthday or anniversary, your clients will be impressed that you cared enough to remember their occasions and send them a lovely and insightful e-card.  
Email Broadcasting & Email WizardEmail broadcasting can be extremely difficult and run the risk of having your account terminated by many providers. Best For Agents recognizes that it is a critical part of the real estate business and has created a wizard which allows email broadcasts of any size to be quickly and easily set up and sent.  
Email AccountsYour email account is your new business card, thus you receive email accounts with your own domain name for prompt identification and utter professionalism. Your clients will be impressed when they see in their inboxes! (Maximum email data usage for each website account is 2 GB)
($10/y for 1 Email)

(1 Email)

(5 Emails)
Domain Name It can be said that a domain name is the single most important factor of a website, and Best For Agents will work with you to secure the most powerful domain name that perfectly suits your business identity so that your online marketing efforts can be conducted elegantly.
Mobile Implementation (Available in Phase II)    
Match SearchSome home owners have particular preferences when it comes to the addresses where they live. They may want a specific alphabetical or numerical combination, and Best For Agents' system facilitates such search by allowing clients to find listings based on any alphanumerical fragment they wish.    
Cookie Tracking (Available in Phase II)    
Label PrintPrinting labels doesn't have to be an all day affair with Best For Agents' exclusive label print feature which allows you to format your labels to precisely fit any of a large number of available laser and ink jet printer labels which fit perfectly first time and every time.    
Multiple Domain CapabilityWhen you are involved in a major project which requires its own URL, Best For Agents provides you the facility to have multiple domain names point to specific custom pages in your website. This major advantage allows you to create and control custom pages from within your website accessible from a completely separate top level domain URL.    

Contact Manager

  Affordable Starter Professional
Contact List / Prospect / Client ManagementYou may have thousands of clients and leads to juggle and despair at the obtuse approach taken by many competing systems. That's why Best For Agents has devised an incredibly rich and powerful client management system that is state of the art and so simple to use you'll understand it all intuitively.  
Import & Manage Contacts From External ProgramsThere are a variety of external programs which might hold various segments of your contact list, and with Best For Agents' system, you'll be able to import them all quickly and easily, with a minimum of effort and no re-typing at all. You'll be amazed at the ease and efficiency of this special Best For Agents function.  
Client Login Section There are times when you wish to have an exchange of information over the internet which is fully secure and private with your clients. Best For Agents provides you with an easy to configure client login process whereby you can create private areas for individual customers to access information that you have set there just for them.    
Contact Manager CapacityThe Professional package of the Best For Agents system has an unlimited capacity to handle contacts, so no matter how many leads and clients you have in your master list, you don't need to fear buffer overruns with Best For Agents, as all your contacts will be handled perfectly.  

Showings' Feedback and SurveyBest For Agents has implemented the industry's best and most extensive collection of surveys and feedback forms for you to gather and share critical information about showings. This data can make an enormous difference in your marketing efforts, so Best For Agents has provided you with the best tools possible.    

Listing Manager

  Affordable Starter Professional
DDF® / MLS® IntegrationIntegration between MLS® and the DDF® system which is the heart of the Best For Agents' system is simply the best in the industry, allowing for both daily and real time updates, and ensuring that the information from your Board is always completely accurate and up to date. For TREB agents we support IDX & VOW & DTA
Exclusive Listing Best For Agents knows that exclusive listings require extreme tact and skill to handle, and thus has provided you with a rich set of tools which allow you to manage your listings in the most personalized manner you prefer. You can edit or add Residential & Commercial Property Listings as well as add countless details, features, photos and virtual tours.  

Listing ManagementBest For Agents makes it easy to change the status of your MLS® listings at any time, as well as add and edit text and images to ensure that your listings are comprehensive, attractive and complete in every imaginable way.
(More Features)
Listing Sharing Tools The Best For Agents pool system is an extremely powerful tool which allows you to share your specific listings right across our country-wide system though a complete suite of sharing tools which make it easy to allow agents in the Best For Agents pool access to your information.  
Open House Sharing Professional package holders have the option to share an unlimited number of open house listings with full information and images right across the breadth of agents in the system, to facilitate the exchange of critical data and ensure that your open houses are well attended.  

Picture Upload Per ListingProfessional package owners can upload an unlimited number of images to their listings to allow their clients in the comfort of their homes or offices to obtain an extensive perspective onto any specific listing property.
(9 for MLS® Listings)


Room DetailsThe number of rooms which can be added and the level of detail that can be specified to each is unlimited for Professional package owners. This ability is of considerable advantage when marketing those more expensive larger properties with many bedrooms and bathrooms.
(9 & 3)

(12 & 3)

Option to display 10/25/50/All records per pageYou can customize the number of records that you wish displayed on any page in order to facilitate quick and simple scanning of a page to identify listings that are of particular interest. Best For Agents makes these display parameters easy and fast to set and change.
Listing Filters Tools The amount of information on any particular listing or set of data can be easily filtered down by the utilization of Best For Agents' exclusive suite of filtering tools which allow you to specify a wide spectrum of specific characteristics you wish to include or exclude.
Upload Virtual ToursVirtual tours have become an extremely important, effective, and powerful selling tools as clients appreciate the opportunity to be able to effectively "see" all aspects of a property even before they visit it. Best For Agents' system facilitates the uploading and display of virtual tours in any format.    
Special Sharing Tools Best For Agents provides an entire and up to date suite of tools which allow you to share with other agents critical information to facilitate the delegation of open houses, as well as sharing your listing details with your colleagues for newsletter content and distribution.    
Property ComparisonSide by side property comparisons allow clients to quickly get a birds' eye view of competing properties and determine how each one stacks up in the specific characteristics which are most important to them. Best For Agents' Property Comparison is a powerful and versatile tool that will be profoundly appreciated by your clients.    

Listing Marketing Tools

  Affordable Starter Professional
View all available property detailsThe amount of information that is present on any listing can be daunting to absorb, and the Best For Agents' system has cleverly created a structure to provide all of the available property details in a simple, easy to read format. Multiple lead inputs around the listingThe Best For Agents' system has provided intelligently positioned lead inputs at strategic points around the listing layout including a general contact, a request to make an appointment, and a quick and easy way to refer a friend to the listing. Electronic Listing Sheets to the client instantlyThe Best For Agents' system has the capability built in to provide a fully featured listing sheet including all of the most pertinent highlights of any property available for the client's perusal at the click of a mouse. Dynamic Mortgage and Affordability Calculator Many of your clients may be under misconceptions as to what they can afford in a mortgage, so Best For Agents' exclusive calculator functions take into consideration a wide spectrum of financial formulas to determine exactly what each individual can qualify for. Listings exclusively branded to each agentYour brand is the heart of your business identity, therefore it is imperative that your listings are intimately associated with your branding efforts. Best For Agents' system has developed a facility to exclusively brand the listings to you alone in order to identify the properties directly to you. Automatic Listing Slideshow A picturesque slideshow can truly assist a client to get excited about a property, and Best For Agents' system has incorporated a powerful and easy to use slideshow function which automatically sequences through all of the available images. Virtual Tour Ready There is nothing like a virtual tour to allow a client to explore a property from their own computer, and Best For Agents' system allows you to implement complex and intricate virtual tours to show off your listing to its best advantage. Listing Promotion (Each property has its own unique web address) The Best For Agents' system utilizes a logical and easy to enter URL for each listing so that it is entirely and easily accessible from any browser address bar directly without necessarily having to navigate through the site to locate it.
Map SearchThrough intelligent integration with both Bing and Google map searches, an entire new dimension is opened in allowing your clients to quickly select the precise geographical locations of the properties that they are most interested in.
Form SearchBest For Agents' system extends its inherent flexibility and power to a rich collection of search parameters applicable in forms, to allow the simple and easy creation and filling out of specific forms for any real estate purpose.
District Search (GTA)A wide variety of statistical and neighbourhood level data is currently available on the Best For Agents' system for the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and in the near future, this powerful feature will also be implemented for a variety of other major Canadian Boards.
Pre-define SearchBest For Agents provides extensive and flexible facilities to simplify the search process by your clients, and this commitment to ease of use extends to providing the ability to pre-define a number of specific parameters in any given search function.
Neighborhood SearchGeo-focused searches reach new heights of information density and ease of use with the Best For Agents' system. By simply typing in any neighbourhood or street name, a series of listings will be instantly presented which allow your visitors to gain a quick and thorough perspective of the current market availabilities in their preferred areas.    


  Affordable Starter Professional
Change your password / Sign up with your own passwordJuggling passwords is a nightmare, but Best For Agents has an intelligent and intuitive system which allows you to sign up for the service with any password you're accustomed to using, and allows you to change that password simply and easily at any time.
Automated Password Generator (CAPTCHA)Best For Agents implements a sophisticated CAPTCHA system to eliminate the possibility that automated systems can have access to your forms and other critical aspects of your website. By using the most advanced systems available, security is guaranteed.
Enhanced Security (IP Filtering)Security is extremely important to any online operator, and Best For Agents has taken the integrity of your website very seriously. By implementing a function whereby you can add the specific static IPs you use to access the website (from home, office, mobile, etc.) directly to your login, you can be assured that access will be far more secure than ever.    
Password Protect Custom Pages & Listings Details The Best For Agents' system provides you with the exclusive capability to set up any specific listings or custom pages you prefer with access limited only to individuals with specific user names and passwords. This allows you to create private sections for specific clients to enjoy.    
Free 30 Day Trial AvailableTry the full Professional package with all of its features active and implemented for a full thirty days at absolutely no charge to you whatsoever. If you are not totally delighted with what Best For Agents knows is the best IDX website system in Canada, you will have enjoyed all its benefits for an entire month totally free!    
Setup $50 $100 $200
Monthly Fee $15 $25 $45
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Website Benefits

  • Fast & easy set-up
  • Totally customizable website
  • Easy to manage & maintain
  • Affordable, powerful solutions
  • Countless template designs
  • Automatic daily MLS® uploads
  • Complete IDX listing manager
  • Google & Bing property maps
  • Complete lead management
  • Effective client management
  • Full drip & E-card campaigns
  • Ready to use website content
  • Pre-optimized SEO structure
  • Training & live support access

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