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KommaWe offer 2 customizable Agent Website Packages with everything that your website needs.
By using our highly specialized Marketing Software Tools, you can customize your websites to suit your needs, and produce amazing results.

Learn to be in control of your business! It is vital for Real Estate Professionals today to have an effective web presence, and stand out from the competition. Check Real Estate Templates

According to Statistics by the National Association of Realtors:
Bullet 89% of Realtors develop their own websites to generate business.
Bullet 85% of homebuyers used the Internet to search for an Agent and potential home.
Bullet 73% drove by or viewed a home as a result of using an Internet site.
Bullet 57% walked through a home viewed online.

Don’t work harder, just work smarter. Best for Agents provides an online marketing system that customizes your online business presence to suit your own personality. We have hundreds of features to help you stay organized, become efficient and build a more successful business.

15 Reasons For, And Benefits Of, Having A Real Estate Website

1- Studies have shown that 85% of homebuyers used the Internet to search for an Agent and a potential home.
2- You will be where the buyers are
3- Modern business runs on the Internet
4- Buyers are getting more technologically hip, so it pays to keep up
5- You can compete on an even playing field with the major players
6- Customers see how more attuned you are to their needs, and the benefits of working with you
7- Buyers who use the Internet usually buy quicker once they choose an Agent
8- Sellers are impressed by seeing their home on the Internet
9- You will be the one impressing the seller in your listing and pre-listing presentations
10- Easy to manage customers and prospects database
11- Today people want information fast with a couple clicks on Internet
12- Become the authoritative local web resource for Buyers and Sellers
13- Build your personal exposure in your market area
14- Save time and money
15- Connect with your clients

Maximize Your ROI

You're a businessperson therefore you understand the value of maximizing your Return On Investment, and that's why The Best For Agents System is your best IDX choice. Many other IDX packages seem to concentrate on little more than eye candy, but The Best For Agents System has focussed on perfecting a suite of advanced and cost effective tools specifically for the Canadian market that help you interact with clients and make sales.

We provide the tools that you need to stay one step ahead of the competition. You don't need to become a webmaster, programmer, technologist, copywriter, or SEO wizard. Our professional and experienced team of software engineers and career real estate agents has created a multifaceted state of the art system that will provide you with an instantaneous, prestigious web presence and significantly increase your lead conversion rate.

Our mission is a simple one: We build the IDX systems that the real estate agents and brokers throughout Canada require in order to obtain the greatest benefit possible from the most affordable investment.

Lead Generation

The Best For Agents System incorporates a comprehensive suite of advanced metrics, tools, and benchmarks which combined with the years of industry experience by our Canadian engineers and agents, provide an unparalleled platform to implement an effective and cohesive internet marketing strategy.

The Best For Agents System adopted a process based approach to lead generation, which allows you to noticeably increase traffic while optimizing the rates at which you convert that traffic, as well as providing countless advantages in the incubation, sorting, and distribution of those leads.

We have engineered The Best For Agents System to offer variable registration phases which can be set at any of many points during the online experience of your website visitor. Through in-depth understanding of visitor dynamics, we have structured a system that if implemented correctly can double your rate of traffic conversion.

Customer Support

The Best For Agents System has invested heavily in the training of our highly professional Support Department. Our front line support personnel are full time in our offices and never outsourced, so that they have immediate access to our entire IT & Development Team staff. Any issues that require escalation will immediately have a support ticket number assigned to them. All support tickets receive tracking access through the web site's online interface. Our Support Department Team strives to exceed the high standards established by The Association of Service Professionals by at least 50%.

Maximum Performance

On a daily basis, The Best For Agents System is set up to manage literally millions of residential real estate listing slots, with an unlimited number of agent records and websites. We process information from the major MLS systems in an IT ecosystem where every single byte of data is meticulously managed for maximum security and redundancy.

The Best For Agents System has set up an intensive program of advocacy, outreach, and compliance with various MLS organizations in Canada to facilitate our customer's abilities to implement and integrate listing data in a reliable, cost effective and totally seamless manner onto their own web presences.

Comprehensive Function Set

The Best For Agents System provides the critical functions that real estate professionals need to conduct results-oriented interactions with the largest possible set of clients in order to optimize the implementation of their overall business strategy online.

The Best For Agents System features state of the art Lead Source Tracking; Web Log Reporting; Content Editing; Configuration Management; Prospect Contact; Manual, Semi-Automatic & Automatic Lead Distribution; Listing & Roster Management; Tracked & Reported Consumer Behaviour Logs; and many more components dedicated only to your bottom line results.

When you place your confidence with The Best For Agents System, you will quickly be witness to the measurable results. Site & Page Dwell Time; Bounce Rate; and Return Visitor Rate, will all significantly exceed the Google Analytics benchmarks developed to suit the real estate industry.