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Best For Agents is now providing online group webinars. We currently offer the following courses for those agents they have account with Best For Agentrs:

For more information about training and agenda please visit: (require login)

Introduction To Your Agent Website Course

Course Description
In this introductory course you will learn:

  • The basics of Best For Agents account setup
  • How to apply the Website Editor and First Page Setup to easily and comprehensively customize your entire site
  • How to use the powerful features of the Contact Manager to keep meticulous records on your clients' activities
  • Managing your listing and maximizing its appeal through the exclusive online strategies available through the Best For Agents System
This session is scheduled to last approximately two hours and will include ample time to have all your questions answered personally.

Advance Course for Agent Website

Course Description
In this advanced course, you will learn the tips and techniques which can take your real estate client online outreach program to new heights. By focusing on the core strengths of the Best For Agents System and expanding the scope to entail a wide variety of capabilities built into your agent website, you will understand how to boost your web presence and create undeniable and irresistible allure for your clients. Some of the salient aspects covered in this special advanced course include:

  • An in-depth perspective on the powerful facilities within the Best For Agents System for electronically contacting your prospects through a variety of specialized functionalities.
  • Training on how best to manage your contacts to ensure that your communications efficiency is optimal and drives prospects to become clients.
  • Using the Custom Page features to create both publicly viewable and password-protected individual pages which are precisely custom tailored to your needs and preferences.
  • Mastering the Form Manager in order to create a virtually endless variety of rich and informational forms that are easy for your clients to fill out, and provide you with personal, business, financial, demographic and behavior data which is invaluable for your marketing activities.
This session is scheduled for a duration of approximately two hours and will include a specific period to have all your questions answered personally.

Introduction To Real Estate SEO Course

Course Description
In this specialized course, you will learn how to truly master Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to boost your website traffic through the auspices of the outstanding SEO-friendly structures and systems integrated into your Best For Agents website. The course will take you through the entire process of implementing proper SEO onto your site in a systematic, progressive, and easy to learn process. Utilizing a wide range of real world examples and practical exercises, this specialized SEO course provides you with all the information you need to master the Best For Agents System's SEO tools so that you may optimize your website to the ultimate level and begin reaping the benefits of high traffic counts. This specialized SEO course is structured to suit any skill levels and abilities and is even easy to master if you are a relative beginner to website optimization. Some of the SEO aspects covered in this specialized course include:

  • Optimizing your website for the search engines bots to readily and fully index your site and gain positions high on the Search Engine Relative Pages (SERPs).
  • Learn how to create the most SEO-attractive custom page to your website for maximum results.
  • Understand the SEO concepts which regulate your addition of content to your site and learn what to have on your siteā€¦ and what not to have on it.
  • By clear examples and explanations, you'll comprehend how and where to optimize your website.
This session is scheduled for a duration of approximately two hours and will include a specific period of time scheduled in order to have all your questions answered directly and personally.