Affordable Website Package

It is difficult for a real estate agent to be successful today without a Website. First, your customers and prospective clients expect you to have a Website, simply as a matter of credibility. Second, a Website is where you have an opportunity to promote yourself, your listings and your services to your local marketplace.

The BestForAgents Affordable Package allows you to set up a fully professional and thoroughly customized real estate website in just minutes. Our Affordable website package comes with some of the tools necessary to create a professional website.

Special Offer (Save $60 in one Year)
$16.95 per month | $75 setup fee
(Original Price: $20.00 per month | $100 setup fee )
Powerful and User-Friendly Website Editor
All of our website templates are totally customizable. Our powerful Online editor is equipped with Drag and Drop features, and graphical display of the topology of your website, showing the position of all the various sections and regions in the website template. Clicking on any section in Online Editor will give you the option to modify that section and modify any modules available for that region as well.
Responsive and Fixed-width Templates
Have access to over 100 responsive and fixed-width templates. Our brokerage and single agent website themes, create a professional and elegant look that your business deserves. Use our 100% responsive templates and your website will look perfect on ANY device – tablets, mobiles, and laptops.
Over 60 Modules and Components
Exclusive valuable module integration. We offer over 60 different modules and components that can be added to your website. This includes Text, Image, Video, News, Contact Information, Social Media Links, Calendar, Slideshows, Variety of Searches such as: Search by City, by Map, by Intersection, by District, and a lot more components..
Admin Control Panel
A compete admin control panel can give you full access to your website back-end for customizing your website, adding or editing content, access to CRM and managing your contact list, sending Newsletters, Flyers and other marketing materials to you contact list, access your Website Traffic Report and much more.
Custom Slideshow Manager
Create your own custom slideshows with different effects and option to add up to 4 agents to each slideshow. You can add as many as slideshows you need for your website and use it on any pages.
Billing system
BestForAgents system offers online billing system in order to create invoices for any timeframe.
Hosting is included with your plan/website package, and you do not need to pay extra for hosting your website.
Branded Email Account
Option to add One branded email account to your website package for $20/year. You will have access to your own webmail account for managing your emails. Please note maximum email data usage for each website account is 1 GB.
Branded and Non-Branded Website
BestForAgents website templates can be set to be Branded or Non-branded based on your business goal. Branded website is about your real estate brand and appears to either represent it or makes it the subject of the content. Non-branded website, on the other hand, is not about the brand but still supports the industry or other areas of interest relative to the brand.
Team Website Solution
You have option to add more agents to your website from Personal Details page. Each and every agent’s contact information will be shown under Contact Us section, also all agents listings in team will be loaded to listing manger under featured listings.
Unlimited Landing Pages – Domain Forwarding
Each page can be shown within website or as a Single Landing page outside of website. This feature helps to use your other domain names to be pointed (forwarded) to this Single Page without paying extra hosting cost and design cost to create more websites.
Great Technical Support Team
With our team of talented, expert sales and customer care, your satisfaction is guaranteed.
Instant Lead Notification
As soon as a prospect submits any kind of forms on your website, you will get notified instantly via email.
Lead Generation pages
Pages like “Free Home Evaluation”, “Find Your Dream Home”, or “Access to Free Report”, are created in order to capture leads. Also, all the pages in your website are designed to include a form for those interested prospects who may have more questions about that content. These forms capture the prospects’ contact information.
CRM and Leads
Any Lead received will be added to your CRM system for future use of sending newsletter and/or follow-up. The contact’s details will also be added under Submitted section with complete details.
Listing Leads
This section includes all the leads received from listings for your view.
Push Registration Features
You can limit the “Number of listings to be shown on website” and “Show listing’s details” in order to push prospects for registering on your website to access more info. In addition, the “Add to Favorite” option will appear for all the listings and it will encourage prospects for registration.
Visitor Activity Log
Our activity log is a central place that captures and logs all visitor activities. On top of this, you also can check your website visitors’ favorite list. You will have a complete list of all visited listing pages with timestamp and you can find out their desired Area, Community or Neighbourhood.
Social Media Integration
All Listings, and Website Content can be shared on most popular social media websites with just a click.
Add to Favorite
“Add to Favorite” is an option for listings that your website visitors can use. Afterwards, you can track visitor’s activities from Listing Manager section.
Leads and Visitors Section
A complete section designed to keep track of all your website leads and visitors’ activities, included: Submitted Forms, Listing Leads, Website Statistic, and Visitor Activity Log.
Buy and Sell Resources
Informative documents for prospect buyers and sellers. Buy and Sell resources are prepared for your customers. All you need to do is to select which one of these resources you want to be displayed on your website.
Custom Page Manager
Unlimited number of custom pages can be added to your website. Also, there are so many system pages already created and added by BestForAgents that you could choose from based on your need. Each page can be shown on your website or it can be shown as an individual page outside of your website (linked to any other domain names).
Various Calculators
Variety of Calculators have been designed for your business use. Calculators include: Mortgage Payment, Mortgage Amortization, Highest Purchase Price, Mortgage Pre-Qualification, Affordability Chart, CMHC Calculator, Rent vs. Buy, Land Transfer Tax, Unit Converter. These calculators are manageable, i.e. you can setup mortgage rate from admin control panel and the new rate will be applied to all calculators used on your website.
Are you proud of your satisfied clients and their feedback? Show it off on your testimonial page or section.
Effective Customized RSS Feeds
Option to add RSS Feed to your website with automatic update.
Calendar Tool
Add your notes to calendar or share events with your website visitors. For each notes or events that you add to your calendar, you can setup a reminder and the system will send you a reminder automatically. You can share a note for example for open house or any other special events to calendar and display that note to public visitors.
Customizable Menus
Option to add Menu and Submenu items and direct the menu items to any internal or external links.
Custom Flash Presentation
Create your own Flash slideshow by adding text and image for each slide. This can be your buyer’s page or presentation page and you can list all services you provide with elegant flash presentation format.
Custom Code Supported
If you want to add any widget or external components such as chat to your website, you can use this module to add any 3rd party products to your website.
Automatic Seasonal Header
Keep your website visually fresh and up-to-date with four separate header images which are keyed to the seasons. The BestForAgents' system will rotate it automatically on the proper dates.
Comprehensive Real Estate Glossary
A Complete list of glossary for real estate business is available in your website.
Complete IDX/VOW/DLA Datafeed Integration
BestForAgents will upload all IDX and VOW listings to your website automatically. By completing DLA form, all brokerage listings (your office listings) and agent listings (your own listings) will be uploaded automatically to your website. Agent Listings will be loaded to the listing manger and as soon as a listing is sold/or leased its status will be updated to Sold/Leased and will be shown under your Sold/Leased section on your website. Please note DLA service is for TREB agents only.
Automatic daily TREB and MLS® uploads
BestForAgents automatically uploads all new listings from TREB (Toronto Real Estate Board) and/or CREA (Canadian Real Estate Association) to your website. Expired, sold, suspended listings will be automatically removed from the system and all search pages. Any price adjustments, added photos, or updated info will be automatically updated in your system as well.
Enhanced VOW Data Feed Access (*coming soon)
Coming Soon to BestForAgents Websites: Consumers can access to TREB SOLD DATA (residential real estate transactions) through our password-protected VOW or Virtual Office Website. Commercial Available data will also be available for VOWs.
High Level Listing Management Integration
We provide you with a fully functional and sophisticated Listing Manager. Under Listing Preferences, you can enter all of your global listing preferences on the various unique aspects of listing the property in this window. These changes can be applied to all of your currently existing listings as well as to any listings you will enter in the future.
Exclusive or Assignment Listing
Option to add your own exclusive or assignment listing(s) through Listing Manager. BestForAgents knows that exclusive and assignment listings require extreme tact and skill to handle, and thus has provided you with a rich set of tools which allow you to manage your listings in the most personalized manner you prefer. You can edit or add Residential & Commercial Property Listings as well as add countless details, features, photos and virtual tours. You can have an unlimited number of exclusive listings.
Property Search Tools
Advance property search modules. BestForAgents provides a verity of search options including: Search by Map, by City and by Neighborhood, Search by Intersection, and Search by District. Also you may create your own custom search by setting up different criteria.
Showings' Feedback and Survey
BestForAgents has implemented an extensive collection of surveys and feedback forms for you to gather and share critical information about showings. This data can make an enormous difference in your marketing efforts.
Generate Listing URL Features
Generate a unique URL address for any type of search property pages on your website. This URL can be used in the Menu or can be linked to any text or image.
Property Comparison Feature
User can add up to 4 properties for comparison. Side by side property comparisons allow clients to quickly get a birds' eye view of competing properties and determine how each one stacks up in the specific characteristics which are most important to them. Best For Agents' Property Comparison is a powerful and versatile tool that will be profoundly appreciated by your clients.
Push Registration
Option to setup how many listings to be displayed, or what percentage of listing details to be shown, in order to push website visitors to register on your website.
Exclusive listings
Option to add Exclusive listing for Sale or Lease. You can have an unlimited number of exclusive listings.
Special Sharing Tools
This sharing function allows you to select an associate on the BestForAgents' system and provide them with permission to advertise a specific listing or open house, as well as participate in newsletter content compilation. Selecting this individual will place this listing's information in their own Listing Manager with only the Open House tab active and editable.
Secure HTTPS (SSL) Website
All websites are equipped with Free SSL certificates. Google starts giving a ranking boost to secure HTTPS/SSL websites and having an HTTPS website will increase your website ranking on search engines.
Enhanced Security (IP Filtering)
By adding a specific IP address to your admin control panel, you can have access to your admin control panel only from that IP location. This will increase your site security.
Built-in SEO for all Website Pages
Pre-optimized SEO structure. In order to apply search meta tags to all pages, you have to select those action start with word 'All' (All System Pages, All Presale Detail Pages, All Custom Pages). You can also modify and change those default tag values to whatever you need, and by applying to all pages, each individual page's tag will automatically get overwritten.
Password Protect Custom Page
You can setup UserID and Password for your custom pages and only those visitors with login credential can view and access those pages.
Security Verification
Automated Password Generator. BestForAgents implements a sophisticated system to eliminate the possibility that online robots can have access to your forms and other critical aspects of your website. By using the most advanced systems available, security is guaranteed.
Intuitive Client Login Section
There are times when you wish to have an exchange of information over the internet which is fully secure and private with your clients. BestForAgents provides you with an easy-to-configure client login process whereby you can create private areas for individual customers to access information that you have set there only for them.
Sign In Logs
Keep track of who has logged in to your admin control panel with recorded timestamp for adding another layer of security for your website.
Form Manager System
The Form Manager System provides the complete set of professional, in depth tools to easily and thoroughly create your own variety of website visitor forms, as well as manage the particular default forms which have been pre-entered by the BestForAgents System.
System Form
BestForAgents designed over 15 different forms that can be used in any custom pages of website. These forms have been designed for different purposes including: Find Your Dream Home, Free Home Evaluation, Mortgage Application, Become a Member, Book an Appointment, Find Power Of Sale, and much more
Create your Custom Form
Custom Form Creation gives you power to create your own custom forms and setup autoresponder for website and email for each form. Also, all the premade System Forms are customizable.
Submitted Forms History
You can search through all the submitted forms by form’s name or date of submission. This will also show details of each lead.
Auto Response
The Auto Response function allows you to add, delete, or modify the full extent of textual content which the BestForAgents System forwards to your website visitors upon their completion and successful submission of any specific form.
Survey Form
The Survey From is used in conjunction with Listing Survey. For each showing, you can set up a Survey Form to get your visitors’ feedback about that listing.
Listing Leads
View all leads received from listings through various submitted forms.

Special Offer (Save $60 in one Year)
$16.95 per month | $75 setup fee
$20.00 per month | $100 setup fee (Original Price)