Custom Pages

Custom Pages

Every internet user has navigated to websites which upon first glance portray an image of amateurism and mediocrity. Studies have proven that a website visitor establishes an impression of the overall site’s quality within two seconds of landing on the index page. Two seconds is not enough to be able to absorb the textual content, so this determination as to the suitability of your site is accomplished by the visual appeal of your graphics alone. If the impression your website is giving your visitor is one of ineptness by featuring the dayglo graphics popular in online design from late Nineties, (or any other aesthetic which does not portray the crisp, clean, professional look of the best current real estate sites), you are losing a considerable number of clients in those first critical two seconds.

The compilation of your custom page will be achieved by our top professional associated service providers in both the writing and graphics fields, who will create the highest possible level of textual and visual content to ensure that your custom pages are coherent, attractive, and engaging.

The Best For Agents System offers to you an exclusive and non-transferrable license to utilize the graphic and textual content generated by our associate service providers for the purposes of placement on your website, but retains exclusive copyright ownership of all duly generated graphic and textual content in perpetuity. Your representative can answer any questions you may have about the implementation of any of these custom page elements on a website which is external to the Best For Agents System.

The Best For Agents System offers this full-featured service to you at a price you will find fits easily within any budget. Kindly contact your representative to receive a complete estimate for the creation, development, and refinement of any custom page your real estate business or your clients require.

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