SSL Encryption

The Best For Agents™ System utilizes the highest current industry standard for data encryption in order to ensure at all of your transactions and online financial activities are fully secure. All credit card transactions submitted through the Best For Agents System are processed on secure server provided by financial payment market leaders Moneris and PayPal.

Our secure servers apply a secure socket layer (SSL) which is the industry standard utilized on all leading e-commerce sites. Depending on the web browser you utilize, the SSL will feature either 128 bit strong or 40 bit standard encryption.

Our control panel access is secured by GoDaddy which is one of the largest and most reputable providers of internet services. We do not keep or archive any of your personal credit card information as any such data is passed along to Moneris and PayPal without our interception.

Our server is certified as fully secured by Godaddy, which is the industry leader in Secure Server Site Certification. If you would like to verify our site certificate, please click on the Godaddy icon below.

What Are SSL Certificates?
With all of the highly publicized online security violations which allow criminals to obtain personal information including credit card and bank access numbers on thousands or millions of victims, internet users are becoming more and more aware of the need for effective and totally secure transaction processing.

Savvy web navigators watch for the padlock icon, green address bar background, and the "https" prefix on their web browsers before entering personal information of any kind on any web page. If your website is lacking the proper SSL certificate, your visitors will be recalcitrant to enter any information on your system or custom forms for fear that it will be intercepted by criminals.

An SSL certificate acts as an electronic passport which firmly and irrevocably establishes the credentials of any online entity whenever a transaction is being executed. When any website visitor attempts to send personal information which must be kept confidential to a web server, the user's browser will establish a secure connection through the auspices of the server's digital certificate.

Confirming You Are On A Secure Website
When you enter a secure website make sure that one of the closed lock symbols shown below will appear in some part of the frame of your web browser window. The one on the left is for Netscape Navigator while the one on the right is for Internet Explorer. All browsers have somewhat similar icons. You should be aware that sites which use frames may not display the proper symbol but fortunately those types of HTML design are swiftly becoming extinct.
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Firewall Protection
All Best For Agents websites are comprehensively protected by fully redundant enterprise class server hardware, featuring the highest possible level of firewall effectiveness monitoring by certified security technicians 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Data Center Security
The Best For Agents server provider owns and operates its own fully secure data centre infrastructure which are set up in a fully redundant fashion to assure maximal uptime.

Password Protection
Access to all of the private areas of your website account requires a login which incorporates your unique username and password. To ensure complete safety, these passwords can and should be changed at frequent intervals. We also feature CAPTCHAs at strategic junctions to ensure that no automated bots will be able to hack into your private website areas.

Assured Privacy
The Best For Agents System will only store your data and utilize it for purposes which you have agreed to in writing. We will never share, sell, or distribute your data to any third parties without your specific prior authorization.