Frequently Asked Questions

The vast majority of prospective buyers and sellers check the internet's various real estate websites prior to making a decision. In today's real estate market, a website is an absolute necessity for each and every agent. You wouldn't consider going into business without a phone or business cards, and conducting a real estate business without a website is just as foolish.

The source of all real estate business is clients and there is no other single promotional activity which you can engage in which is as effective as a proper, state of the art, visually attractive, textually alluring real estate website. Not only will buyers be drawn to your listings but prospective sellers will witness the standard of excellence you are presenting on your website and decide that you are the best agent for their needs to market their home in the most effective manner possible.

Your real estate agent website works for you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week without ever taking a holiday. Your website will be available to portray that listing in the fullest extent possible in both words and images at any time of the day or night.

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General Website Facilities

Why Should I Choose Best For Agents?

The Best For Agents real estate agent website is available at a remarkably competitive price and should provide for you a return on your investment which is virtually incalculable. When you take into consideration the persuasive inducement that is designed into each and every aspect of a Best For Agents site, you will realize that there is no better option for your real estate business but to entrust its critical online presence to the consummate expert designers, programmers, administrators, and content creators of the Best For Agents System.

The extensive multimedia integration of a Best For Agents real estate agent website is unequalled. You can display your listings in a rich variety of formats which include high resolution exterior and interior photography, full virtual tours, live action videos and much more. The exhaustive multimedia capabilities of our websites are designed to portray any listing in its best possible light and to turn prospects into clients.

The wealth of information which is available on your Best For Agents real estate agent website is truly encyclopaedic. Your clients can derive complete and thorough information on all aspects of any listing as well as use rich Best For Agents tools such as Google & District Map Search to locate their dream homes. The Best For Agents real estate agent website also allows you to portray your business as a trendsetter in your market, and the leader all others must follow. The prospective customer outreach programs integrated into Best For Agents System are the most efficient in the Canadian real estate industry: Our featured facilities such as our professionally crafted newsletter and article content along with our peerless Drip and E-Card campaigns are the most exemplary available anywhere.

When you combine the captivation and magnetism of your branded Best For Agents website with the extensive SEO tools offered within the System itself you will realize that it holds the key to being your single greatest lead generation system utilized by your real estate business.

Can I Track How Many People Have Visited My Realtor Website?

The Best For Agents real estate website integrates a comprehensive set of tools which allow you to determine a wide breadth of website metrics in order to refine your approach and make a firm determination as to the sources and usage statistics of your website visitors. Through the Best For Agents System you can capture a remarkable volume of information on the targeted metrics, but also collect a virtually infinite amount of strategic demographic and behavioral data through the implementation of the Best For Agents system and customized forms.

What Forms Of Payment Are Acceptable?

The Best For Agents System accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal payment as well as cheque, money order and bank wire transfer. All invoicing is in Canadian Dollars. The fastest way to place an order is by ordering online but we will be happy to process your payment in any way you prefer. If your preference is to pay with a personal or company cheque, money order or wire transfer, please speak to one of Best For Agents sales professionals before executing the payment to confirm the details of your order and payment method. Your order will be processed once it is fully verified and your payment is received by the Best For Agents System.

The Best For Agents System utilizes Moneris for all online credit card payment processing. PayPal is a separate online service which allows you the capability to pay through, and requires prior registration.

If you are paying via cheque or money order kindly note that our 12 month contract cannot be paid for with monthly post-dated cheques, therefore the annual service must be paid for in a single cheque for the full amount. Service will be initiated once the cheque clears the Canadian banking system. A similar policy applies to wire transfers which must include an additional $25 wire transfer fee. Service will be initiated once the wired amount is deposited Best For Agents bank account.

What Is The Refund Policy?


Under specific conditions you may cancel the contractual agreement under the following conditions:

1) You may cancel at any time by submitting a termination fee which will be equivalent to three months of payment on your selected package. If you have a prepaid balance over and above the termination fee, the Best For Agents System will process and forward a refund for that amount.


2) You may notify Best For Agents in writing that you do not wish to renew no less than 30 calendar days prior to the regularly scheduled renewal date of their 12 month contract. If Best For Agents System does not received this notification as specified, the contractual agreement will be automatically renewed for an additional 12 months.

The Setup Fee is not refundable under either of these procedures. Termination notifications must be submitted by email as a cancellation request to the Best For Agents System provided service email address. If you do not meet these requirements the Best For Agents System will continue to invoice you according to the existing payment schedule. For security reasons, to verify the cancellation request, and to ensure your authorization, the Best For Agents System reserves the right to contact you at any time by telephone.

For more information about our Refund Policy, please check Best For Agents Terms & Conditions.


The Choice Is Yours: Credit Card, Paypal, Cheque & More!
The Best For Agents System provides easy and secure payment methods billed in Canadian dollars to provide any of its superlative services.

Pay By Credit Card

Best For Agents will process your credit card information in a completely secure manner. Best For Agents accepts the following major credit cards:

Visa | MasterCard | American Express | Discover

The quickest and most efficient way to place an order is by ordering online through our convenient payment forms. Paying by credit card streamlines the billing process and thus it is the first choice of most of our customers. Credit card payment is particularly useful in ensuring your package of services with the Best For Agents System do not unwittingly expire: Simply select the "auto-renew" option and the Best For Agents System will renew your service automatically on the expiry date.

The Best For Agents System utilizes Moneris for credit card payment processing. Moneris is a trusted and secure system which processes more than 2.5 billion credit and debit card transactions a year, for over 350,000 merchant locations across North America.

Pay Via PayPal

The Best For Agents System accepts the internet's preferred payment system: PayPal!

PayPal has swiftly become online commerce's favorite payment system and there are many reasons why. PayPal is the globally largest payment system, as well as one of the safest, most widely accepted ways to pay for your online purchases. PayPal allows you to access funds from either your bank account or credit card to pay for purchases from thousands of online merchants including Best For Agents. PayPal's millions of user use the system in full confidence as all transactions are protected by PayPal's highly sophisticated fraud prevention system.

A PayPal account is easy to set up and it can be done in minutes, even while you are completing your Best For Agents System purchase.

In your shopping cart under "Payment Method," select "PayPal" then click "Go to PayPal" in order to log in to your existing account or to create a completely new one. You have the option of funding your purchase through your bank account or even your credit card. For your security against criminal phishing attacks, please ensure that that is clearly listed the merchant from whom you are purchasing before you complete your transaction.

You may login to your preexisting PayPal account, or you may choose to create a new account. When you have logged into PayPal, verify your information on that site and click Continue. Once the transaction is compelted you will be returned to the last step of the checkout process which will allow you to review and print your receipt. You will also receive an emailed confirmation from the Best For Agents System of your successful transaction.

Pay By Cheque, Money Order Or Wire Transfer

Best For Agents welcomes your traditional payment options.

Best For Agents does not subscribe to the hypothesis that only credit card holders may place orders over the internet. There are many reasons why a real estate agent may not wish to use their personal credit card for a business expense, or prefer to pay in a more traditional fashion with a more conventional form of banking record.

The Best For Agents System wants to facilitate your payment thus we provide you the option of paying via personal or company cheque, money order, or bank wire transfer. The process is simple: Determine the products and services you wish to choose, then add your selections to the shopping cart. When you arrive at the Payment Options section, select "Cheque - Or Other" and you will be facilitated in entering your choice. The next page you will see will allow you to review and print your receipt and you will also be receiving an order confirmation email from the Best For Agents System.

This process even works if you are currently a Best For Agents System customer and you wish to change your current payment method from credit card or PayPal to payment by personal or company cheque, money order, or bank wire transfer. Simply click on "Billing"; select "Payment Options"; and click "Payment by Cheque".

You may wish to discuss your traditional payment option with your Best For Agents professional sales representative who will confirm the details of your order and the specifics of your payment method.

If your selection is to pay through a cheque or money order please note that our yearly contract cannot be paid for with post-dated cheques which are bankable on a monthly basis. The 12 month service option must be paid for in a single cheque which is made out for the full amount. Please note that by paying your yearly fee in advance, you will be receiving one month free of charge. Your service will be launched once the cheque is cleared through the Canadian banking system.

A similar policy applies to wire transfers which must include an additional $25 wire transfer fee. Service will be initiated once the wired amount is deposited Best For Agents bank account.


Every website available on the internet is hosted on a physical computer called a server which "serves" up the information required when a website visitor enters the URL or website address on their browser address bar. The Best For Agents System hosts its data on one of the most secure and modern data centres available in North America. Through its positioning on this state of the art hosting system, your real estate website features the highest speed and most reliable connectivity, with multiple redundant fail safe system assuring maximal uptime, and it's all secured with complete frequent backups and monitoring 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All Best For Agents System packages integrate sophisticated yet easy to use web statistics and metrics software to allow you to track your visitors navigation to and through your real estate website.


May I Host My Best For Agents Site With Another Company?

The Best For Agents System websites utilize proprietary database technology, design, and content, thus can only function on our hosts which means that they are not transferrable. You own the content you place on any Best For Agents System website, but you are licensing the technology from us. Your domain name remains your property and may be transferred to any other hosting situation you prefer at any time, but note that the physical structure and our proprietary contents of the website must be continue to be hosted through the Best For Agents System at all times as it is fully protected by copyright and thus not set up to function in any other alternative manner.

May I Add Software To My Account?

The Best For Agents System is set up as a complete online solution and thus is delicately integrated to incorporate all of the features that you would require to operate a successful real estate website. If you have a specific functionality which you require and is not currently featured on the Best For Agents System, please contact your representative and discuss the issue with them.

May I Subdivide My Website & Sell It?
The Best For Agents System is designed to serve a single agent with a website, however, you may feel free to enter into any collaboration with other agents in your brokerage as well as various brokers if you so choose. The responsibility for the website operation remains yours.

Is There Any Forced Advertising On The Website?
The Best For Agents System has engineered its real estate agent websites to serve the requirements of the individual real estate agents, thus you are the sole determinant of what if any outside advertising is displayed on your pages. The Best For Agents System will never place advertising on your pages which has not been specifically requested and approved by you in writing.

Domain Name

Domain names are purchased through official online registrar services. There are countless of them available on the internet and easily found through a search engine query. They all perform effectively the same service but vary only in pricing. The Best For Agents System utilizes GoDaddy as the registrar for all domain names. You may register your own domain name through the registrar of your choice or opt to have Best For Agents purchase your domain name and link it to your website on your behalf by clicking on domain registration.

Some of the advantages of purchasing your domain name from Best For Agents include that if you set up your domain name from a third party registrar service, you will have to point your domain to the Best For Agents DNS server. This process can delay the functioning launch of your website by up to 48 hours. If you purchase directly from Best For Agents, your domain will be pointed to the proper server from the onset.

You may also manage your domain's details directly from the Best For Agents control panel. If you have multiple domains, you may select to operate one as your main website, while the others can point to specific pages or sections of your primary site in order to enhance your segmented targeted marketing activities. This facility is best implemented by purchasing your domain name directly from the Best For Agents System.


How Important Is My Choice Of Domain Name For Search Engine Ranking Purposes?
There are countless SEO considerations to be taken into account when selecting your domain name. There is a school of thought which holds that keywords should be prominently featured in your domain name, but that has a tendency to make the domain name unwieldy and overlong. Remember that you cannot exceed 67 characters and that URLs may not have spaces as they will automatically be changed to underscores which negatively affect your SEO ranking. If you must separate your words, we recommend you use dashes. Our further recommendation is that you use your full business name as your domain name, and ensure that you have at least the words "real estate" "condos" or "homes" in the URL. It is also advisable that you incorporate the name of your geographical region in the URL such as your city, town, or region. There are many extensions, but .com is the most popular.

I Picked Out A Domain Name. How Can I Find Out If It Is Available?
Simply inform Best For Agents System of your choice and we will search and confirm its availability for you. We strongly advise you to not use the domain name availability forms present on almost all registrars' websites. There have been many instances where the registrars instantly register attractive domain names between the couple of minutes between the time you search and the time you purchase them.

Someone Else Is Already Using The Domain Name I Want. Is There Anything I Can Do?
All domain names have a set expiry date. At that time they are either renewed by their current owner or they lapse and become publicly available. GoDaddy is the registrar for the Best For Agents System websites and it offers a paid service which has proven very effective in securing domain names at the precise minute they expire. Contact your Best For Agents professional sales representative for further information.

Can I Have More Than One Domain Name? Can They Both Point To The Same Website?
You may have as many domain names and extensions as you wish and they can be all pointed to the same Best For Agents website if that is the option you choose. Cybersquatters are a growing problem and if you register a successful site name under .com, you can bet that shortly all the .net, .org, .ca, etc. extensions for it will be registered by someone who is trying to leech your traffic from you. It is advisable that you register all the most common extensions, as well as various common misspellings of your business name. Again, your Best For Agents professional sales representative can provide further details on this issue.


You may confirm the number of email accounts currently set up in your specific package at: websites compare

You may also can access your email account from:

The control panel for each user contains extensive tools to manage all aspects of your email account.


May I Forward My Email?
You may forward your Best For Agents System email to any pre-existing email account by any major provider. Many real estate agents prefer to operate a single main email address and have the various email addresses listed on their websites and other promotional and marketing materials forwarded to it. This process saves the lugubrious process of checking multiple inboxes constantly and you can be assured that all of your email is thus accessible and archivable from a single location.

Note that due to the nature of the internet's email transmission infrastructure and processes, the Best For Agents System cannot be held responsible for delivery of any email. All precautions are taken, including full periodic server system backups, but there are countless spam and junk mail filters in place with the thousands of major email providers and it is impossible at this time to ensure a consistent approach to email delivery with all of them.

How Do I Keep From Getting On Spam Lists?
The Best For Agents System incorporates mailto links in order to keep your email address from being spelled out directly in the text. That process can help your email address from being harvested by spammers, but there is no direct way of preventing that absolutely. As a real estate agent you will be promoting your email address widely and spammers will thus have ample options to add you to their lists. You may manage your junk mail folder settings from within the Best For Agents System.

How Much Data Can My Email Inbox Hold?
Your Best For Agents System Email Inbox is set to hold a maximum of 30 Mb of data. Since the average text only email is barely 15 Kb, you will be able to store thousands of conventional emails before your inbox is filled. Note that when you are sending or receiving attachments such as PDF files or JPG images, the size of the individual messages will be considerably larger so your inbox will fill more quickly. When no more data can be placed into your inbox, any messages which would bring the total over 30 Mb are refused. Best For Agents System recommends that you set up your email client so that once an email has been downloaded from the server onto your own personal computer it is automatically erased from the source and thus resides on your PC alone. The same option should be selected with the Send folder so that your archive is accumulated on your computer, and not on the server. As long as you regularly check your email as any professional real estate agent should, you should not have to worry about tipping over the 30 Mb limit.