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Professional Photography In any real estate marketing endeavor, it is imperative to solicit the interest and attention of as many potential clients as possible, whether buyers or sellers. When you place luxurious quality, clear, high resolution photographic listing images on your real estate website, you are demonstrating that the old saying: "a picture tells a thousand words" is absolutely correct. By establishing a foundation for the real estate relationship, you are ensuring that the final result will always be a win-win for all involved.

Before your listing is due to be premiered, Best For Agents System will procure a wide spectrum of alluring photographic images of the property which will display it from the best possible perspective. The indisputable quality of the photography will reinforce the property's value in the eyes of the potential buyer, and reassure the vendor that your overall real estate services are top notch and state of the art.

Capturing and compiling these spectacular photographs is a complex, lugubrious, labour intensive process but the investment proves to be invaluable in the marked positive effect it can have on any listing.

The Best For Agents System still image photographic package includes:

  • The dispatch and transportation of the photographer up to 20 km. from our local base office.
  • Up to fifteen photographic images which you select from electronic proof sheets, and are available in both online (72 dpi) and print (300 dpi) hi-res lo-loss .jpeg formats.
  • Additional photographic images are available at a rate of $20 each.
  • One business day turnaround for provision of images from the time you approve them.
  • A compendium of the images which can be provided as a memento in your choice of CD-ROM or DVD format.

The Best For Agents System provides to you an exclusive and non-transferrable license to utilize these photographic images for the purposes of marketing the property to your customers for the duration of the listing.

The Best For Agents System retains exclusive copyright ownership of all photographic images in perpetuity: You may utilize these photographic images on relevant external marketing websites such as,,, and local area periodical sites. Once the listing is terminated whether or not it is due to a sale, these images must be deleted or otherwise made unavailable to the visitor to that website. You are granted a license for the duration of the specific listing to utilize these Best For Agents System photographic images for any directly relevant printed real estate marketing materials including flyers, brochures, sell sheets, and mailers.

If a real estate agent or office which does not have a relationship with Best For Agents System wishes to utilize these photographic images, written permission must be solicited and received prior to any display on any medium. All photographic images provided by Best For Agents System contain an invisible digital watermark and appended copyright information for positive identification, therefore all utilizations of the image must be credited to the Best For Agents System.

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