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Professional WritingA recent survey has found that the websites of a considerable number of the Fortune 500 corporations contain spelling and grammatical errors which alienate the reader and portray a corporate image of illiteracy and sloppiness. Your website on the Best For Agents System represents your primary online outreach to prospective customers thus you must ensure that your textual content is not only free of typos and embarrassing errors, but also portrays your real estate business as sophisticated, intelligent, and capable.

The Best For Agents System has secured the services of some of the most noted and prolific online writers in Canada, including one author who has several thousand quality popular articles currently online. These writers will apply their professional skills and expertise to the description of your real estate business and any listings you wish in order to depict your activities in the most erudite, lucid, and captivating manner possible.

The Best For Agents System provides to you an exclusive and non-transferrable license to utilize the textual content generated by our writers for the purposes of placement on your website, but retains exclusive copyright ownership of all duly generated textual content in perpetuity: You may not utilize the textual content on any other website but your own on the Best For Agents System without receiving prior written permission.

The Best For Agents System offers these professional services at the extremely competitive per word rate with no minimum. Email consultation with our writers is provided, and two rewrites to suit your requirements are included in the pricing structure. Volume discounts for orders over 10,000 words are available, so contact your representative to receive a complete price quote for any level of textual content you require.

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