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Best For Agents provides one of the best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) packages available for real estate agents anywhere in Canada or around the world. The Best For Agents System has implemented many of the most effective state of the art optimizations in order to ensure that your online efforts are rewarded with the highest possible ranking in the major search engines. You can choose whichever level of SEO achievement you like by selecting from:

  • The Standard Package which provides you a basic level of SEO attainment.
  • The Professional Package which adds on the invaluable extras of Express Submission and Article Extensions.
  • The top of the line Enterprise Package which provides a rich array of the very latest cutting edge traffic-inducing, powerful,functional optimizations which will take your site’s results clear into the stratosphere

SEO Features

  Standard Professional Enterprise
Keyword/Phrase AnalysisGoogle and the major search engines rely on identifying your keywords and keyphrases in order to obtain your SERP, or search engine position. Best For Agents System analyses your primary keys to optimize them for the most beneficial results. Feature Included Feature Included Feature Included
Tag OptimizationBest For Agents System will meticulously adjust all of your various META, ALT, h1, h2, h3 and other related factors to ensure that the search engine bots clearly and accurately index the proper information for your site. Feature Included Feature Included Feature Included
Keyword DensityThe density of your keywords is critical in obtaining satisfactory SERP results and the SEO experts at Best For Agents System will carefully scrutinize your site to ensure that you have just the right percentage of keywords in your text content. Feature Included Feature Included Feature Included
Comprehensive Validation Your website code will be checked line by line to ensure that it is error free is suitable for proper rendering by all the major current web browsers and will pass all of the latest HTML & CSS validation standards from W3C onwards.   Feature Included Feature Included
In-Depth SEO Report Best For Agents System will produce an exhaustive Search Engine Optimization Report complete with clear and lucid graphs to ensure that you understand exactly where your SEO strengths lie and where you can continue to make improvements.   Feature Included Feature Included
Google Webmaster Tools Best For Agents System will provide your site with inclusion in Google Webmaster Tools to ensure that the visibility of your site is optimal and that all interior and exterior links are fully queried and exploited.   Feature Included Feature Included
Google Analytics Best For Agents applies Google Analytics statistics and analysis functions in order to accurately evaluate your site's traffic and marketing effectiveness and to assist you make decisions on how to improve your reach and impact.   Feature Included Feature Included
Manual Search Engine Submission Although Google is the world’s most popular search engine fully 35% of all searches are performed on other engines, therefore Best For Agents manually submits your site’s information to all the leading search engines to ensure that you obtain maximum visibility.   Feature Included Feature Included
Periodic Progress Reports Best For Agents provides your site with regularly scheduled progress reports, complete with easy to read graphs which allow you at a glance to see where your website effectiveness and traffic statistics are today as compared to other points in the past.   Feature Included Feature Included
Express Major Directory Submission Best For Agents System will submit your site’s information to the main, major directories literally within hours of your website completion to ensure that you get ample traffic quickly.   Feature Included Feature Included
Article ExtensionsBest For Agents System will apply an SEO-savvy set of extensions to your articles to ensure that they are able to easily be fed through RSS systems or are suitable for any reformatting for everything from Facebook Wall shares to mobile forwards.   Feature Included Feature Included
Guaranteed DMOZ Inclusion Best For Agents System guarantees your inclusion in the world’s leading directory DMOZ under the proper set of headings and subheadings so that your site will obtain the maximum benefit through the countless sites which perform their cross-referencing through DMOZ     Feature Included
Wikipedia SubmissionBest For Agents System will perform a comprehensive submission to Wikipedia for inclusion of your site by adhering to all of the major Wiki standards in order to ensure that it will quickly appear as accurate and stay visible over the long run.     Feature Included
Competitor Rankings Best For Agents System will produce a ranking report and analysis in order to inform you of how your current online efforts stack up against your major competition, identifying specific functions and aspects where you can overtake your competition.     Feature Included
Supportive Website Best For Agents System will provide a fully functional supportive website complete with a domain name in order to provide valuable exterior verification and validation cross-functions.     Feature Included
Number of Pages To Be Optimized Best For Agents System will carefully optimize this number of pages to ensure that they are up to completely state of the art current SEO standards for the best possible performance, impact, reach and traffic. 1 Up to 10 Up to 20
Link Popularity Once Frequent Intense
Complete Tags/Keywords changes Once Few Unlimited
Progress Reports Once Monthly By-weekly
Google Page Rank N/A 2 to 3 3 to 5
Setup FREE $1950 $3300
Monthly Fee FREE $850 $1650
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Note: Standard Package is FREE for all Agent Website users and includes a 30 minutes face to face meeting (booking is required).

SEO Major Benefits

  • Gain that all important competitive edge
  • Boost your site traffic
  • Expand your customer base
  • Increase your prospect-to-client conversion rates
  • Fine tune your audience targeting
  • Maximize your Return On Investment
  • Save time, effort, resources and money
  • Blow the doors off your competition
  • Reach for the Number One spot in your market

Why SEO?

SEO is the process whereby the various content elements of your website are optimized, or fine tuned, to suit the indexing algorithms of Google and the other major leading search engines. These search engines index the websites available on the internet through a process of bots and spiders which are automated programs which crawl the web seeking websites that are either new, or newly revised, in order to include them in their main search result pages. The algorithms which are applied to determine how highly any particular website is ranked are extremely complex and exquisitely concocted to ensure that cheating your way to the top of the rankings is well nigh impossible.