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The Best For Agents System offers Canadian real estate agents with a choice of three separate and fully customizable, flexible, and powerful packages for the ultimate in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Through your selection of any of the Best For Agents System packages, you will obtain the critical information, analysis, verification, validation, and thorough, exhaustive reporting in order to dramatically improve your ranking on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) of not only Google, but also the other leading search engines which account for fully 35% of all queries worldwide!

The Best For Agents System packages of rich services, facilities, and optimizations are specifically designed to considerably boost your targeted traffic through the implementation of proven, effective SEO techniques which are custom tailored to your website's and business' needs. You will receive more feedback and contacts from prospects and turn more of them into clients when you benefit from the state of the art cluster of optimization technologies which are offered by the fully Canadian Best For Agents System.

Standard PackageStandard Package
This Standard Package SEO offering is provided to you at absolutely no cost. It’s FREE, and only from Best For Agents System!
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Professional PackageProfessional Package
This expert optimization provides your real estate business with the latest sophisticated advantages in achieving high search engine rankings: translating to massive traffic to your site.
$850.00 per month | $1950.00 setup fee
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Enterprise PackageEnterprise Package
The Enterprise Package includes every possible advantage to make you number one in your regional real estate online marketplace and keep you right there at the top where you belong.
$1650.00 per month | $3300.00 setup fee
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Setup Fee
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Monthly Fee
Standard Package
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Free Free
Professional Package
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$850.00 $1950.00
Enterprise Package
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$1650.00 $3300.00

SEO Major Benefits

  • Gain that all important competitive edge
  • Boost your site traffic
  • Expand your customer base
  • Increase your prospect-to-client conversion rates
  • Fine tune your audience targeting
  • Maximize your Return On Investment
  • Save time, effort, resources and money
  • Blow the doors off your competition
  • Reach for the Number One spot in your market

Why SEO?

SEO is the process whereby the various content elements of your website are optimized, or fine tuned, to suit the indexing algorithms of Google and the other major leading search engines. These search engines index the websites available on the internet through a process of bots and spiders which are automated programs which crawl the web seeking websites that are either new, or newly revised, in order to include them in their main search result pages. The algorithms which are applied to determine how highly any particular website is ranked are extremely complex and exquisitely concocted to ensure that cheating your way to the top of the rankings is well nigh impossible.

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