Enterprise SEO Package

Real estate is a highly competitive business and your own personal ambition and drive to succeed is second to none, thus you demand nothing but the ultimate from your online marketing. The Best For Agents System’s Enterprise Package is the single most effective SEO cluster of services and facilitations available anywhere. The Enterprise Package includes every possible advantage to make you number one in your marketplace and keep you there at the top where you belong.

Guaranteed DMOZ Inclusion
We guarantee your inclusion in the world's leading directory DMOZ under the proper set of headings and subheadings.

Wikipedia Submission
We perform a comprehensive submission to Wikipedia by adhering to all Wiki standards to ensure that it will appear quickly.

Competitor Rankings
We produce a ranking report and analysis to inform you of how your online efforts stack up against your major competition.

Supportive Website
We provide a fully functional supportive website complete with a domain name to provide valuable verification and validation.

Comprehensive Validation
We check your code line by line to ensure that it is error free and will pass all of the latest HTML & CSS validations.

In-Depth SEO Report
Our Search Engine Optimization Reports include graphs to identify where you can implement SEO improvements.

Google Webmaster Tools
We analyse through Webmaster Tools to ensure that the visibility of your site and the efficacy of all links is maximized.

Google Analytics
We use Google Analytics to accurately evaluate your site's marketing effectiveness, and to improve your reach and impact.

Manual Search Engine Submission
We submit your site's information to all the world's leading search engines to ensure that you obtain maximum visibility.

Periodic Progress Reports
We provide your site with regularly scheduled quarterly progress reports to evaluate your website effectiveness and progress over time.

Express Major Directory Submission
We submit your site's information to the major directories literally within hours to ensure that you get ample traffic quickly.

Article Extensions
We apply an SEO-savvy set of extensions to your articles to ensure that they can easily propagate through various net vectors.

$1650.00 per month | $3300.00 setup fee

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See below the list of features we are offering with this package (hold mouse over each feature for more details):

Enterprise SEO Features

  • Guaranteed DMOZ Inclusion
  • Wikipedia Submission
  • Competitor Rankings
  • Supportive Website
  • Keyword/Phrase Analysis
  • Tag Optimization
  • Keyword Density
  • Comprehensive Validation
  • In-Depth SEO Report
  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Google Analytics
  • Manual Search Engine Submission
  • Periodic Progress Reports
  • Express Major Directory Submission
  • Article Extensions

Why I need a Enterprise SEo Package?

The exclusive Best For Agents Enterprise Package is the single most effective SEO cluster of online dominance services and facilitations available anywhere in the real estate industry.

The Enterprise Package encompasses all of the advanced optimizations of the Professional Package and adds on a rich suite of effective proprietary functions.

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